Baked Chickpeas


I recently was looking for a healthy snack to munch on between meals and came across this recipe for baked chickpeas. It is super easy to do, and they really do taste amazing.

There are tons of different recipes for flavouring options out there, or you could just make your own recipe. This recipe offered four suggestions. The honey one was delicious, as well as the paremsan one. The sesame one was a little too strong for me, but it was still good, and the mix of spices was also a little strong, but I liked it too. HECK they were all delicious.

The recipe warns that they can be stored in a container for a few days but they are best the first day, and it is VERY right. If you store them over night they are nolonger crunchy, although they are still okay, they are really quite soggy.

I’d recommend storing them out in an open bowl over night, and maybe they would stay crunchy a little longer.

I’d definitely recommend this recipe! Not only are these delicious and healthy, but chickpeas are also really inexpensive. I made one can of chickpeas, which are the four flavours you see in the picture, and one can is usually about $0.99. If you want to save even more, buy a bag of uncooked chickpeas and cook them yourself, then bake them. Health, cost, and deliciousness, best of all the worlds!



      1. I made them with the Parmesan cheese. They are delicious still warm. And they were super easy to make too. I can’t wait to show my sister!

      2. Next time I think I’m going to stir them up about halfway through the baking though, because a couple on the ends of the sheet got a little burned while a few in the middle were just a tad mushy in the middle.

        They were fun to make and what I really like is that I knew exactly what the ingredients were and I controlled the proportions of everything including the salt. Much healthier than prepared snacks.

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